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Jetpack 2.0 kills dropdown menus

  1. I just upgraded to Jetpack 2.0 using the upgrade option on the plugins page. Immediately, the drop downs on my main menus stopped working. They started working again when I deactivated Jetpack. I restored to Jetpack 1..9.2. and all works again. I have the latest WordPress 3.4.2 and using the Striking theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you try and disable all other plugins and reactivate Jetpack. This way we can see if other plugins interfere with Jetpack.

    Also make sure you are running the latest WordPress and Jetpack version:

    Looking forward to your reply.

  3. Sorry folks. I am extremely busy. I have already restored the site back to Jetpack 1.9.2. I will do what you ask as soon as I have the time to do the upgrade again, try disabling the other plugins, and still have time to revert back to 1.9.2 so I have a working site. Thanks.

  4. OK. I updated to Jetpack 2.0 again. Then I disabled all plugins except Jetpack. Those plugins were Awesome Flickr gallery, BackWPup, and Facebook comments. This still stops the dropdown menus. Perhaps it has something to do with the Striker theme. In this condition, when I deactivate Jetpack (so not active plugins) the menus start working again. I hope this is helpful.

  5. Do you have the other plugins enabled now? Your dropdown menus seems to work fine. Have you tried using a different browser?

  6. This is a working site. I had Jetpack 2.0 disabled and all other plugins activated again. I just now reactivated Jetpack 2.0 (about 4 pm EST) and I will leave it that way until this evening or I hear something else for you to review. Thanks for reviewing.

  7. OK, found some input on Striking theme forum. If I turn off some optional performance enhancers in the Striking theme (combine Js, combine CSS, move Js to bottom) then the problem goes away.
    There must be some change in Jetpack 2.0 that Is incompatible with those optimizations. I had no problem with earlier versions of Jetpack.

  8. We recently released a Jetpack update, please upgrade to the latest version.

    Otherwise contact the theme author to improve their code regarding combined JS and CSS. Changing this issue in Jetpack wouldn't prevent this from happening again in combination with other plugins.

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