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    Is it possible to use the jetpack plugin on blogs?

    One of my competitors source code has jetpack open graph tags in his source code so would indicate its possible

    I need to specify my meta description and title as part of a seo competition

    many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    No. The Jetpack plugin was created to appease WordPress.ORG users who were peeved because we bloggers had features that were not available to them. To please them WordPress developers created the Jetpack plugin to create parity between users. Moreover, it has sweet nothing all to do with access to metadata. We cannot access metadata on free hosted blog.

    I need to specify my meta description and title as part of a seo competition

    When it comes to SEO gaming here at take a deep breath and hire a web host now, so you can set up a self hosted install as that activity here is not allowed and will get your blog suspended.

    SEO blogs: Blogs that are written for search engines instead of humans. These blogs are dedicated to trying to fool Google and other search engines into ranking them or the sites they link to highly. is not meant for this type of activity.


    Thanks for the reply, however as I mentioned, looking at the source of how does he have jetpack open graph code there?

    the blog is intended for users but also want it optimized for search engines such as google to enabe it to be found – a blog with great content is useless unless it is found and used



    It is not possible to use Jetpack with a site. However, since Jetpack is created for and that code is eventually rolled into, you can see that we’ve already absorbed what is applicable from Jetpack into

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