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    Jetpack comments seems to have some sort of issue with some themes and the iframe. The basic iframe height is 315px. by default when the Jetpack comments are closed, there is a large space under it, which then fills some what when you click inside and it opens up.

    I’ve noticed on some themes that this doesn’t happen because javascript goes off which changed the iframe height to 91px when it’s closed, removing the space in the theme. When you click it, it opens changing the iframe height to 245px or something like that.

    I’ve tested this with the default theme for WordPress with only jetpack installed and there is a space. I’ve only been able to find two themes unedited where this isn’t a problem.

    I was able to find the jetpack javascript which I believe is what changing the iframe height base on the state of the jetpack comment being open or closed. However I can’t seem to figure out why some themes it works and others it doesn’t and I can’t seem to test it.

    I’m fully updated with both wordpress and jetpack. I’ve posted this on a number of forums and support groups and have yet in about 3 weeks now gotten a reply and only found one other person who was asking about the height being so large with jetpack comments. So clearly I’m not the only one.
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    Please see the information at these links:
    JetPack FAQs
    JetPack support page
    JetPack support tickets



    I am having the same trouble. My text is huge and to the left of the check box for submitting a comment. Any ideas?



    I suggest you file a Setpack support ticket and get Staff help



    Just an update I did figure out my issue I was having. I had Enabled Threaded Comments Disabled on my blog which was causing the iframe to not size correctly.

    I put in a ticket with JetPack and after a long discussion of trying to find the issue, I was told it would be fixed in a coming update. So If you having the same issue as me, check to see if you have Threaded Comments turn off, if you do turn them back on to fix the bug.



    Thanks so much for sharing that information.

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