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    I’d really like to use Jetpack as a plug in but I don’t have a self-hosted blog so I do not have a plug-in on my dashboard.

    The blog I need help with is



    The purpose of Jetpack is to give users access to the same features we have on, so installing Jetpack to a site would serve no purpose at all. We can already do everything that plugin enables.

    Besides, we do not have the ability to install plugins on

    To install any plugins whatsoever you’ll need to have a self-hosted site:


    This is my question too. I want to install a particular app, which I am told only works if the blog is a .org or if the .com blog uses JetPack.


    Sorry I did not give the app name nor did I give you my blog address.

    The app is . I am told it may be installed on one’s own website or on certain blogs.

    My blog address is:




    As I pointed out above, there is no way to install plugins, including Jetpack, on blogs.

    I had a look at the link you provided and you can’t use that app here. The code they provide is JavaScript, which we can’t use on


    I would gladly switch to the .org blog, if I thought I could operate it myself, but I have been told it is not as user friendly–especially for newbies.



    You can see the full breakdown on the differences between the two platforms here:

    You do need to be a bit tech-savvy for .org, as there you need to do many things yourself that is done for us here at .com, like hosting, backups, security, etc.

    I had a look at the reftagger page and you’ll be able to create the same effect manually. You’d highlight the text reference and click the Insert Link button in the toolbar. You then copy the URL for that text reference directly from or whatever site you want to use as source and paste it in the URL field and in the Title field you type/paste a preview of the text. This will display as a tooltip if you hover over the link, similar to the way reftagger does it.

    Lastly you can also make the suggestion in the Ideas forum if you think this plugin should be added to You can do that here:


    Thanks so much for your patience. I am copying your last comment to my files for a time I can experiment.

    I do appreciate your work.

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