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JetPack sign in failure

  1. WordPress on my iPad had an update ad ever since it is constantly asking me for JetPack sign in but it won't log in. I cannot view comments, stats or anything in the app!! It's basically rendered it useless.
    Blog url:

  2. Please someone help!!

  3. Have you filed a JetPack support ticket?

  4. Also note that waiting 1 minute for support before bumping your own thread is unacceptable. Please wait for 24 hours without a response before doing that again.

  5. I didn't do it intending to bump it up, I did it so that I could check the the box for 'notify me of follow ups' as I didn't know if it would do that automatically.
    I also didn't know about the jetpack support ticket, that's why I asked for help.
    I will do it now.

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