JetPack Stats created another blog selection instead of using the one I want

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    I have moved a blog to a self-hosted installation, and I have installed and configured JetPack for the stats, but when I did this, instead of using the original stats data, now there is a new item in the blog selector that has all new stats starting at 0.

    How do I get JetPack to use the original blog stats that have over 10K views instead of this new one that has 0 views (actually its up to about 40 now)?

    Now understand, I am a WordPress developer, so I dig underneath the code and look for other ways to make things work the way I want. I can’t see any settings that control this, but I can see in the database some settings that relate to this, in the jetpack_options and stats_options, which has the related blog selector id and some other information. If I change this, then the old stats show up in the dashboard, but it does not track visitors. Two of the settings in the database relate to the blog_token and user_token, which I figure might need to be updated as well to match, but I can’t find those pieces of information. If someone has any insight to where I could find this information, I’d like to try that, or if you have any other info that might help please let me know.



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    I did not specify a blog address because I am a WordPress developer, this is not specifically related to MY site, it is for a clients site. But for example:

    Let say I had “” mapped to my WordPress site that was “”, then I decided to self-host the blog at the same address (I removed the DNS Zone entry). So now I have a self-hosted wordpress installation at “”. On, the My Stats page has a dropdown to switch between “mysite” with 10K views and “” with 0.

    How do I make it use the “mysite” stats? Or could a admin merge or copy the stats?



    Hello there,
    Please see the information at these links for Jetpack support:
    JetPack FAQs
    JetPack support page
    JetPack support tickets



    What about Stats support?

    Thanks, but the FAQ and support page had no useful information. I submitted a ticket, which basically just puts the same question in the Staff Questions forum. I posted there yesterday from the clients account and have not heard back, but maybe it didn’t post right, I cant find the question



    I have moved a blog to a self-hosted installation … What about Stats support?

    I provided the JetPack support link above and I believe when you use that link you will get an answer. Staff provide support of around 30 million free hosted by bloggers now. They address support tickets with the eairliest dates first. If you contact them more than once on the same issue then the date moves forward and it takes longer to get support.



    I went through Jetpack’s support and submitted a ticket to them twice & never got a reply from them in a while. That’s why I’m on the forum to find out what can be the manual solution to this jetpack problem.



    Well I got some answers, just not the one I wanted…

    I figured this would be something staff could easily “switch” or somehow I’d be able to get the tokens that need to be used, but so far no can help, all answers generally say “No, it’s not possible.”

    I’m sure someone, somewhere, is working on a solution to this, and eventually it will be added to the core and everyone will be happy! Until then, I would hope that they can find a way to manually handle this and I will continue to look for those tokens through any backdoor way I can find.

    I even thought about hijacking the JetPack connection process and get it to send the other blog address and id when it connects to WordPress, but this may take me some time to figure out.



    On the flip side, I have suggested to my client that since his site is now self-hosted, he has the option of using a different stats tracker. The main concern was keeping track of the number of visitors (or view count), and since several third-party trackers allow you to set the starting view count (and provide a ton of other data that doesn’t), he has opted to go that path and will probably be using StatCounter.



    Thanks for posting that link to the answer you got in the Staff Questions forum.

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