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Why won't Jetpack work with WordPress MU?

  1. I installed Jetpack on my WPMU installation and have about 10 different sites under our network. I make Jetpack an available plugin for the stats and other features but just noticed today that all the blogs are defaulting to my login. Each blog is attached to a seperate WordPress account and should be able to have them login with their info and get stats for just their site. Is this not possible?

    How do I make it where each individual blog admin and use Jetpack individually in WPMU? Thanks for the help.
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  2. Just to be sure, are you really using WordPress MU, or a WordPress Multisite installation on WordPress 3.0.5 or higher?

    If you're using WordPress MU, I'm afraid that Jetpack is not compatible, and you may want to consider upgrading to a Multisite installation.

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