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    How do I use Jetpack with multiple blogs. My Godaddy install on a clients domain wants to link Jetpack to and I don’t know how to do this. My is under my names which contains several blogs I’ve acquired for different clients . Do I have to use my master to link the Jetpack to my clients Domain? Or should I remove my clients blog from my Master account and have them create their own using the same name? I can I use my Master for all Blogs within my account?

    The blog I need help with is



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    It would be better for your clients to use their own accounts for Jetpack.

    Once you have them set up, let me know which blogs to remove from your account.


    Ok macmanx. Are you an administrator? So, I figured I would have to remove them from my account first in order have the client register with their same business name? And risk loosing the name. How long after I remove a Blog from my account does it become available for someone else to register?



    Hm, I’m not sure what you mean. You’re just removing your client’s Jetpack blog from your account, right?


    Also, is it ok to go ahead and word on the WordPress site without Jetpack and integrate it later?



    Sure, that’s fine.


    I have several Blogs created under my username. These Blogs are Client names. I make the client an Administrator but control them under my Master Account. When you try to link Jetpack, it asks you to log into your WordPress account so i log into my Master account….and it doesn’t give me the option really to specify which Blog within my account to associate with the jetpack. Soooo…. back to my Blog….say I have a client who’s business name is Waxonwaxoff…that I’ve registered under my Master account, I can’t go and have my client start a new Blog with that same name because it’s already taken…by me. I’m guessing my client would have to sign up with a different name. That’s what I want to avoid happening. I’ve already chosen great names, and I want them to keep those names. So…I’m just assuming that I would have to delete my Waxonwaxoff Blog in order for someone else to use that name….and my question was how long after I delete a Blog within my Master account can someone else register that same name?



    Oh, the Jetpack sites aren’t associated with any blog in particular, just the account.

    If you want it to be attached to someone else’s account, go to the Jetpack section of the blog’s Dashboard, hover over the “Connected to” button which will then change to a “Disconnect” button. Hit that, and have your client connect it to their account.


    Right. That was actually my original question which basically was if it’s ok to use my Master WordPress Account for my clients Jetpack. And I was told it would be better if they had their own accounts. But I wanted them to be able to keep the blog names I’ve already snagged for them through my own account. But what you’re saying is that it doesn’t matter what Blogs they create or don’t create….it’s the Master Account Jetpack is associated with? Got it. Thanks.



    That’s correct. :)

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