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Joe Biden – thoughts?

  1. I realize Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate is old news, but I didn’t see a thread about it here, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring it up. I’m going to try to be objective in my analysis, because as a libertarian, I strongly oppose the Democratic agenda. You need to respect the tree-huggers and baby-killers…

    Biden, whether you agree with him or not, has experience in foreign policy, and that is something Obama desperately needs if he’s going to be seen as a credible candidate. Biden’s logic can’t hurt when Obama believes Iran is “not a serious threat” to the world. I don’t know if his foreign policy credentials will help ease the menopausal Clinton fans minds, though. I think Biden will help with middle-class voters in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (Biden was born in Scranton), where Obama got his testicles handed to him by Clinton during the primary season.

    The one problem with Biden is that he’s not afraid to speak his mind. That’s good most of the time, but when he’s placed in a debate with Gov. Sarah Palin, he’ll have to keep a tight lip. One wiseass joke and the women will flock to the Republicans. He CANNOT bring up the pregnancy of Palin’s 17 year old daughter AT ALL. Never mind that Palin’s daughter is a slut and that contradicts the 44 year old governor’s social conservative message…He can’t bring it up. That’s the end of it.

    I don’t believe this election will be the blowout Democrats think it will be. Obama may be up in the polls, but that Dukakis dude was 15 points ahead of Bush around this time, and we all saw how that turned out…

    Barr/Root 2008!

  2. Bidet simply mustn't let people sit on him and use him as some kind of portable convenience.

  3. Joe Biden - thoughts?

    I'm sure he has them. Next question?

  4. I only assume he has thoughts.

  5. His speeches, I understand, are written by Englishmen...whether they know it or not.

  6. Having grown up near Delaware, my impression of Biden was of a man sitting in a toy army helmet, with toy "six guns" in a holster around his waist, moving chess pieces around on a table designed to appease his mythical attachment to the "glorious combined arms forces of the nation-state of Delaware."

    In other words, I think he's a boob and a joke. And yes, he not only steals speeches, but then he claims they were about "his life" - in this case an Englishmen's speech about how just because he was the first to "make it" in life that his family should not be viewed as stupid - they simply weren't afforded chances. Strange for Biden to claim this is his story, as he grew up the son of a CEO. Makes no sense - unless you're Joe Biden in your toy army hat pretending to be Patton.

  7. I was having thoughts, I thought his name was John, "ah yes Mr VP your office is the little room outside the oval," he would have been the Barak John.

  8. You're thinking of Beau -- I think he starred in a late lamented TV show, "Homicide -- Life on the Streets"

  9. It's times like these that I wish the United States had a king....

  10. you can have Charlie boy ANY time you like or his brats

  11. A spamming barrister. Imagine my (complete lack of) surprise.

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  14. Another spammer. Heather, get your gun!

  15. I was faster that Heather this time :). Thanks tsp.

  16. Thanks to you as well vanillalounge.

  17. I'm glad to see the blog belonging to the person who started this was deleted by the author. I'd like to think they came to their senses, but anyone who characterizes all Clinton supporters as "menopausal" and brands a 17 year old a slut without knowing her entire history, is clearly a fool. Perhaps they thought they were deleting a post and accidentally deleted the blog? Rofl.

  18. Biden's an interesting character. His strongest area is obviously foreign policy, which is why Obama chose him as his running-mate (foreign policy is where Obama has been criticized the most). He is an outspoken person, but I am sure he is on a tight leash.

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