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  1. teamoyeniyi i want to held a privete discussion with you even a public if you will, i why did you said 'there is no God'? please come to my blog we will have a discussion there with you.
    my blog is:

  2. Dude You can not force her nor anyone else to accept your belief or change their own belief. Be a part of productive debate here.

  3. i just want help her get to know that there is God. you know peoples denies for what they do not know but after they know they say yes. so i like this person becuse she is transparrent, i must be a friend to her, so i must teach her as my friend to get to know about my God our creator

  4. Same thing I tried to do here with the same person but the results were opposite of it. Because a fool can ask more questions than a wise can answer.

  5. I do not appreciate having religion shoved in my face every time I visit these forums. I have my beliefs and you have yours ok. Stop shouting about it as I find that utterly distasteful and it smacks of to much religious zeal. And I find THAT sinister.

  6. Also you have NO proof God exists and until someone knocks on my door and goes, "Hi, I'm God, here's a million pounds in five pound notes" I'm not ever going to believe one exists. I'm not saying you shouldn't believe in God but don't try and convert anyone, especially atheists, as we know better.

  7. @Mosespk, thank you for your concern, but please understand I am not at all interested in being "helped" to believe in something I know to be not factual in any way (irrespective of which religion it is).

    There is no "must" about it. You are free to follow your beliefs, but as Jessie said, attemtping to force your beliefs on others has a sinister ring to it.

    Please understand that if I have any views about religion, while I respect others' right to believe, in my personal view religions are evil, simply because they have caused SO MUCH misery over the generations and continue to do so. Look at Nigeria at the moment.

    False beliefs are the cause of it all. False beliefs forced onto innocent people who do not have the means to seek truth for themselves.

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