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Join the Debate on whether English should be the Official Language of America!

  1. officialenglishpolicy

    This is an important issue that will affect our immigration policy. Voice your opinion by commenting on my blog Official English Policy

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  2. It should be, we used to own you after all. :P

  3. I believe English should be the official language. I believe that if I were to move to Mexico I should learn spanish. I am not prejudice in any way but I do not think that it is right for a foreigner to come to America and expect Americans to speak their language and then get mad about it when we don't. I can think of hundreds of times I have called companies and could not understand the person on the other end because they could not speak proper English.

  4. lmfao @ ardpete
    you tell um lad hahahaha!

    I am English, dragged up in Britain and agree with Addy if you go want to live in another country then you really should have the decency to learn their language and also live by their laws.

  5. Your blog was interesting to read, even though I don't think having more than one language in use is a serious problem. Maybe once Americans (in general) learn to speak and write English proficiently, they can think about how to educate immigrants. I don't believe our national lack of a well-educated citizenry is caused by those who move here from other countries.

  6. Definitely, since you guys spell colour wrong. Who spells it as color anyway? Why would you miss out the u?

  7. Oh, and there's gray instead of grey. I mean... what's THAT about?!

  8. Do the Brits in the room mind if I ask how often you get knocked up by your friends?

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