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  1. Blogcatalog has a group for bloggers. You can promote your blog there, discuss issues, promote blog posts, get help or help other bloggers. discussions

    Hope to see you there!

  2. Why? Is this forum, the tag surfer and the support forum not good enough?

  3. Thanks, sanjidabd. I'm new to WordPress (and blogging), but I've fallen in love with it. Though I love to write, I didn't rush in when blogging began because I thought I would get too addicted to it. Boy, was I right! Thanks, WordPress.

  4. cornell,
    thanks for taking the time to participate in this thread. much appreciated. :D
    as for your question, i think the answer will vary person to person. personally i believe multiplicity is good and it's nothing new. you'll get lots of examples in real life and in cyberspace!

    lukevalentine, you are most welcome. i hope you enjoy blogging here at wordpress. wordpress sure is addictive. better be careful! :D
    i wish you best of luck in your blogging adventures.

  5. Thank you sanjidabd, for posting here in the forums about the group you started on Blogcatalog I will be joining the group on Blogcatalog. I also posted yesterday in my blog about how i'm going to be setting up a group on myspace for members that have a myspace acct: this group will have a forum so they can plug there blog and there article's and just sit back an relaxe & be able to chat with one another.

    related post i'm referring to New My Space Profile

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