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Joint Administrator

  1. Hello,
    I have searched FAQ's, & and can't find anything on Joint Administrator's other than

    1) If I create a "joint Administrator", will this role appear/act just as me as "Administrator" or will that role appear as "joint Administrator"?

    2) Does this role have the ability to delate my "Administrator" roll?

  2. I believe you may wind up with each of you having the power to eliminate the other.

  3. Thats what I want to avoid

  4. patriotsfanblog

    You realy dont need two admins though, just make one of you the writer, an the most trust worthy one the admin : ) That's what I do on my blog with my partner.

  5. Yes, thats what we did. But, just curious... If anyone ever wants to answer the original question...


  6. I did answer it.

  7. Could make them an Editor as well. Only difference would be that they couldn't delete the Admin account or the blog.

  8. do you make a joint administrator's?

  9. We answered this in your other thread. Please don't post the same question twice. It just takes time away from us trying to help others. :)

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