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    I have just started a site ( to see how this functionality compares to my current site which is externally hosted as and which is developed using Joomla 1.6.

    I must admit I am not convinced that has the content management capability I am looking for. I look forward to comments and advise. Maybe I am not comparing apples to apples. What I do like about is the blogging facility which Joomla is not as good at.

    Secondly, is it possible to have my externally hosted site as the main site with blog pages displayed from within this externally hosted site?





    Hi Naveed. In my opinion, Joomla and WordPress in general are apples and oranges, yes.

    It would be easier if you told us what features you are looking for. Then, we can say if yes or no, is for you.

    You can put a link to a blog from your externally hosted site if you wish, or embed the RSS Feed of your blog into your other site.


    I appreciate your feedback. I like the idea about the RSS feed.

    I guess I should see what other jooma extensions I can add to my current sites that allow blogging.

    Maybe a dumb question, but what do people think is the difference between a blogg and a forum? Are they not the same thing? I mean what separates them in terms of features. I have phpBB on currently, but not sure why this is so different from a blogg.





    Have you tried Google? I found several sites that would answer that question better than I would. Try typing:

    difference between blog and forum


    Do NOT compare Joomla! to wordpress.COM. That is apples and door knobs, not even oranges. There are many restrictions here that keep this from being a real content management system such as no plugins, code restrictions and you cannot edit the theme PHP script files, etc.

    If you want to do any sort of true comparison, you have to work from a self-hosted installation of wordpress.ORG software where you do not have the limitations and restrictions we have here.


    On Joomla! to have a “blog” all you really need is a comment component/plugin and there are a number of them.

    What you are posting on right now is a “forum” where anyone can start a topic (as long as they have an account and are logged in. With a blog, there are authors or contributors that create topics (posts) and then depending on how things are set up, anyone can comment on that post, but they cannot start topics (posts).


    Now I get it. The main difference between a blog and forum is that only some people can start a topic with a blog unlike a forum where any registered member can. Everyone can of course reply in both cases.

    Thanks for this clarification. Most appreciated.

    Thanks also for the google search reference.

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    You are welcome.

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