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    Recalling that the same problem existed in 1.3 – and was resolved – I still have hopes of switching to 1.9. Here’s what frustrates me about the switch. Not enough white space around a graphic inserted into the body of text in a post.

    Take a look at

    When this is published in the 1.9 version of the theme, the text abutting the graphic is squeezed tightly against the image. We had this problem with 1.3 and a fix was eventually built-in. I hope the developers will do the same with 1.9.

    Any suggestions for a workaround? I’d like to go back to trying 1.9. I do like the new look – especially the sans serif font.


    Is this some kind of aplication?



    eideard – we can’t view a post that has not been published so we can’t see what you are talking about.


    One temporary solution is to add vspace to your images. 2 or 3 px should do it. After inserting the image, click on it and then click on the edit image button at the upper left of the image, enter the vspace amount and then click “update image.”

    Also, if I were you, I would sent this request in to staff.



    It was actually published, yesterday.

    I will try the suggestion from “thesacredpath”, though – sounds like something the graphics geek over at the “big” blog where I’m an editor has done to the WP template we use over there.

    In fact, I’ll try it on that example I gave. First, let me back out of being logged in and repeat the url:


    IT WORKS. That solved my problem. And I only use an “inserted” graphic once every day or so. No need to adjust every Post.

    Thanks, Bro’…I’m switching over to 1.9, now — many more positives than negatives for me, now.


    You’re welcome. I would still suggest sending it in to support so that they can make the adjustment to the CSS and make things smoother for everyone.



    I’ve added a little breathing room to the left and right of images in The Journalist 1.9.


    Thanks mtdewvirus, efficient as always.

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