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jpeg pic in the sidebar

  1. I hope this wasn't asked before but what does one have to do to put a jpeg picture into the the sidebar? The FAQ explains it only if the pic has a url.

  2. Take a look at your sidebar and know that size is an issue. The image msut be small - thumbnail sized or aonly slightly larger.

    This will sound strange but do it anyway

    -> write post -> upload image -> send image to editor - > copy the entire image code -> presentation -> sidebar widgets - > text widget -> open text widget and paste in the image code - > save changes


  3. Thanks for your help. I'm surprised I can't put larger images there since my theme has a wide margin. thanks again.

  4. On my sidebar I don't put anything larger than 200 pixels wide. I stick with 175.

  5. Actually the theme just fills in the rest of the space with color. Your width is only 170 pixels.

  6. Hi, sorry for interupting, but I have a question to the answer:
    Will a picture automatically be crop down inside when it is put in the way you described. Or must i be done in advance.
    If not, will people then see the full size picture when they click on the thumbnail in the sidebar?

  7. Normally done in advance. The only cropping that WordPress does is it usually makes a thumbnail of your picture.

    If you give me a sample picture, I'll post the code so you can see how to do what you're asking. :)

  8. How can I tell exactly how many pixels wide my sidebar is? I am using the Kubrik theme.

  9. Trial and error while waiting for a response usually work for me. Worst-case scenario, you'll bend your blog out of shape for a couple of minutes until you check and go back and make it smaller.

  10. i have no idea how to do any of this:( i need help

    i want my picture to be right there on the blog, like when someone is reading do i do that? i tried to follow the instructions above, but i do not see my pic..

  11. Check the FAQ for how to post a picture basics. From there, add in the above instructions.

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