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jpg images cannot be displayed

  1. I uploaded several images to the server, but only those of gif format can be displayed. All the images of jpg format cannot be seen. What's the problem with that? Are there any requirements on images uploaded? Please advise.

  2. I have two blogs with headers which I change frequently and they are all are jpg files. I have no difficulty at all uploading them. Images that are greater than 500 pixels will then to "break" your theme. Perhaps that is a problem. It would be very helpful if you would provide a link to the image(s) in quesion. So could you please supply links and the sizes of the images you are trying to upload and then drmike will be able to address this tomorrow?

  3. Geekiam, are you using the images as part of the CSS Editor? Then the images must have the full URL in them, not an abbreviated version. If you are using the images in your CSS then make sure there is nothing "covering them up" such as a background color of an overlapping container.

    As for images within your pots, GIF and JPG will all show. I have plenty on my blog. Check the HTML structure for the image link and make sure that something didn't happen to make the code bork. One little letter missing and it's toast.

    It should look something like this:

    <img src="" alt="Some description here" align="right" />

    We can be more specific with our help if we have more specifics. Thanks!

  4. Many thanks Lorelle and timithief,

    I think i have fixed the problems by consulting the FAQ in Dr. Mike's blog. Thanks for your advice. I think my problem is concerning the filenames that I give to the images.


  5. thumbs up^ ao glad you found the solution you needed g'night

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