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JPG or PDF - which is better for readability, etc?

  1. I've been mostly using PDF's in my post (I have writing portfolio that will eventually have over 100 samples) by way of Scribd so that people can read my samples either directly either on the blog post or read it on Scribd.

    However, I've noticed that sometimes Scribd is a slow load and/or the pdf doesn't appear on my post fast enough. Would it be better to be using .jpg (when possible) vs. PDF's? (Either way, many of my images I'm creating as a screen capture, then turning that into jpeg's or a PDF so I'm not sure how that ultimately translates in terms of readability, etc.)

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. If you are concerned about loading times, have you thought of using a JPEG thumbnail that links to a PDF document?

    In my humble opinion, for readability purposes, and to make your site more accessible, it would not be a good idea to completely replace PDF text documents with JPEG equivalents. But if the PDF is actually a converted JPEG and text stays as an image and cannot be highlighted or copied, then it doesn't really make a difference. That's just my two cents. Other volunteers might think differently.

  3. Raincoaster...thanks for the laugh. :)

    Air Odyssey: That's what I'm doing actually ...using a jpeg thumbnail though I'm not linking from the thumbnail because the PDF's are posted in each blog entry. Are you saying to ALSO link the thumbnail to the SCRIBD side...where my original PDF's are posted?

    BTW, do you (or anyone) know if people can view my PDF's posted on Scribid IF they link to those PDF's from my blog entry? (Scribd always gives that option underneath each PDF I have posted on my blog.)

    The reason I ask is because all my PDF's are marked PRIVATE on Scribd. That's because I only want people to view those samples who have come to my blog...not people who go directly to SCRIBD. But I think I need someone to test my blog to see if when you link to Scribd from any one of my PDFs you can actually view the writing sample on Scribd itself. Because if not, I guess I will have to remark all my images to Public.

    Would you mind testing this for me? I think I will post this as a New Topic just in case this question gets lost in this unrelated post.

  4. If your Scribd files are marked private, nobody can read them at all except if you've allowed them specifically. You can't mark it private ON Scribd and have it public on your blog; it doesn't work that way. NO embedded media work that way.

  5. Thanks, I went ahead and made all my portfolio samples public on Scribd.

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