.jpg or .tiff or .gif won't upload

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    I can’t quite figure what I’m doing wrong here, or what it is that WordPress isn’t liking…
    I want to upload an image grab into a blog post. I used the free Mac app Grab, which I’ve never had problems with before, to size and select the screen grab I want. I saved three versions, as tiff, as jpg and as gif. I’ve tried adding each into a blog post / the gallery, but on each it won’t upload and I get the error message, ‘Sorry this file type is not permitted for security reasons’.

    Any insights or suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is lmighton.wordpress.com.



    Also, a separate question…when I’m uploading normal (not screen-grabbed) images, I’m having trouble creating space around them. I click on the image, so that the two icons pop up including the photo image, and I click on it and then the image ‘advanced options’, and I add some digits in the options for ‘horizontal’, ‘vertical’ and ‘border’. I click on ‘update’. But the (single-digit) numbers I’ve put in to those boxes make no changes — the text is still much too squished up to the photos. How do I make these changes stick?



    Just a quick update. I’m still stuck on the first question.

    I did figure out the second question though so ignore that one (I can’t seem to figure out where to delete the second question)


    Hoping for some insight from the WP community!

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