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    For a couple of days now I have been trying to upload a simple jpg photo to my blog – and it just won’t go in there! It’s in my gallery (in fact it’s in there twice because I kept trying) . I’ve cleared my cache and cookies, rebooted the computer several times, cleared my browing history, disconnected and reconnected my modem thinking it maybe had to do with that – but nothing works. I tell it to upload the photo and I just get a clean white box which stays there forever, no uploading activity. Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    If it’s in the Gallery, then I’m not seeing the issue. What is the URL of the image?



    This Our casita, summer rainstorm image is huge
    If the others are that size that could be your issue. Please read the troubleshooting images tips and act on them.

    If you want high quality images you will never rely on the cropper as using it will result in loss of image quality. Prior to uploading any image into your blog you will optimize and presize every image in either a desktop image editing software or online image editing software to fit the space you intend to use it in, regardless if it’s a header image, or an image in a post, page or sidebar. Doing that means you will also not be wasting your space for images and other media or experience any problems with images that you must troubleshoot to correct.


    Thanks everyone! I made the picture smaller and now it’s working fine. I am going to have to do some studying to learn how to edit the photos to fit better, but at least now I know what I was probably doing wrong!



    Hi again,
    It’s good to hear that you resolved this. You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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