JPG problem after blog transfer

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    Firstly: I did not make the transfer with the import/export tool but by simply copy/pasting the text editor contents of a post. There were only 10 posts involved, so it wasn’t such a big deal.
    However, I forgot all about the image uploades, they stayed behind in the Media Archives of the blog I emptied out. Yet on the new home blog I could SEE the illustrations. But I once read that data cross-overs between weblogs don’t work, so I uploaded them anew (without messing with the file names of course).

    Today I wanted to add an illustration in the latest post, and found in the text editor that all posted JPG’s had gone blind: ‘broken file’. But I could still see the illustrations on the home page!
    I emptied out my cache and deleted my cookies, logged out, logged in again, and still I can see the illustrations, but in the text editor of all ten posts, there are only broken files.

    I admit that I didn’t RE-post the images. I thought: they got their backup now, there is no need to re-post them because I can see the images. And in terms of lay-out, re-posting 200 JPG’s in total is a time consuming affair…

    I mailed a few friends with the request, go to my weblog and tell me if you see images, but so far nobody replied. I now have no idea if others see missing pictures and, for some internal reason, it’s only me seeing the full images.

    Can anyone here enlighten me?

    Here’s a post example:



    I discovered that indeed all images have gone. I don’t know why I still see them, but visitors to the blog won’t. So I’ll have to re-post the lot.

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