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    Judith Curry’s weblog, Climate Etc., has been removed. Your notice says it is because of violation of terms of service.

    I find that very unlikely. She’s a senior climate scientist. I suspect that one of her political opponents has complained about her weblog.

    I think you should explain why her weblog was taken down. I also think you should restore it immediately.

    The blog I need help with is 3000quads.com.



    I think that this issue is the business of only the owner of the said blog. As you do not appear to be the person with the username that registered the blog that you refer to I have flagged this thread for closure.

    BTW see > http://judithcurry.com/


    Hi timethief,

    I would disagree. If her blog is 86’d because one of her political opponents complained, how safe is my blog, or anybody else’s?




    Did you click the link I provided and enter the blog? It’s not deactivated.


    Hi timethief,

    I clicked the link and it went to a WordPress page that said the site had been deactivated.


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    Perhaps there was an error, linking to the site in question, a browser cache problem on a viewer’s blog, or some miss-alignment of stars but the site linked to by the original poster:

    Well, that blog is alive, well, and publicly viewable.


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    I can easily see the blog you are asking about. Please provide a screenshot of what you see so we can examine it.


    Also please make sure you are using the correct link:


    Hi 1tess, I just clicked on the link and it goes to the deactivation notice. But then I opened an IE browser and it went there with no problem.

    Thanks–sorry to have troubled you.


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    Here is some information about browser issues as well:


    Thanks, Tess1. I guess you can close this out, if you want.

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