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Jumbled Mess of Share Buttons

  1. This morning I thought that I was going to update the share buttons on my blog, and I did, now at the bottom of each post they are all screwed around, jumbled up and just plain unsightly, hope there is an easy fix, lest they all will disappear tonight. Certainly nothing like the preview shows under the area where you choose the buttons, I WISH!!
    Thanks Everyone.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can best them in "share this" button rather than displaying individual buttons. The video here shows how >

  3. Thanks Timethief, I would like to ask you though, do you think people are more apt to share if they see the buttons they like to share on, or are they just as apt to open the "Share This" button ?
    Also, I have tried every way under the sun to get people to use the Share buttons, and really do not see any evidence that they actually ever get used, the only one might be one or two times on FB, and Stumble Upon carries the majority I believe. I have actually thought about Scrapping them period. Any suggestions? I go to other blogs and see evidence that they are being well used. Hmmmm

  4. I do see evidence of mine being used under "shares" in my stats. I think it has become quite common to use them and I provide them as a convenience for my readers.

  5. I think it depends on your audience and what kind of blog you have.

  6. @hbs1991
    IMO over time you are bound to attract visitors who do use the share links.

  7. Thanks everyone, well I will keep them, just seems that some people have lots of people using them and mine just site there, even though traffic is growing more and more, just like comments, some people on other sites leave comments all the time mine are few and far between.
    Thanks I will probably hid the buttons like you said timethief, as I cannot stand that jumbled haphazard mess the program put them in now. if there was a way for me to arrange them I would.

  8. @@hbs1991
    I'm glad I could help with the sharing icons. When it comes to getting more comments the stock in trade answer is "ask questions". The golden rule of social networking is give to get. Aside from creating and refreshing an archive full of high quality content by publishing frequently, the best way to attract more readers is to comment, comment, comment on similar blogs in the same niche as your own blog, and create blog centered relationships with other bloggers. So set aside some time every day and comment on related blogs.
    Here are posts you may want to read and act on:
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