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Jump, Break, however you want to call it.

  1. First off, I am new to this, so if this topic is either very easily solved, or if there is enough information present, then I apologize in advance.

    So, I read a number of blog/news (weird combo of the two) on a daily basis, mostly about videogames. Kotaku, Joystiq are the two. I also read a number of other blogs (engadget and gizmodo being the two other ones. Boy, I'm a geek aren't I?)

    Now, in many of them, they have the regular posts on the front page. No problems here. But, when they have something along the lines of:

    "Check out the pics after the jump."
    "Read the text of the announcement after the break."

    There's a link right there to what seems to be a page just for that one post. There's more info on this page than on the "front page" so to speak. And that's where the comments are as well. That's the biggest thing, that there's more info post-jump/break than there is on the front page. If I try and edit the post, it shows up in both areas, post-and-pre jump/break.

    Have a look-see at Kotaku and you'll know what I'm talking about. I don't want my front page to be cluttered with lengthy posts and pics, that should be for after the jump.

    So, what should/can I do? Again, be gentle while violating me if this is a problem that's easily solved. Thank you in advance!

  2. Oh - and Kotaku rules.

  3. That's a split post, created by using icon #13 as outlined below:

    I'm always a little bemused to see 'after the jump' on blogs, as 'jump' is an old newspaper term. (fun factoids for free!)

  4. Amazing. That was some fast response time there. I didn't know about all those tools up there. Thank you very much for that help! And yes, Kotaku rules. Much better than Joystiq.

  5. The reason Kotaku uses the jump so much is that the writers there are paid $7.50 for every thousand pageviews, and the jump means more clicks. But if you use them you will lose readers overall, it's just that the ones you do keep will be counted more than once. I wouldn't use them if I weren't paid to do so.

  6. But if they cut down on load times with a photo-heavy and video-heavy front page, followed by a lot of text after the jump, they can be a good thing. I try never to forget people on dialup.

  7. I agree with ellaella (ay). Especially on the front page where there's a number of other options, sidebars, archives, etc. etc.

    That's not to say that every single post will be split. If not much is going on, then why would I need it?

    Oh, and what's wordpress' stance on profanity on their blogs? Nothing crazy, just an f-bomb here or a mother f-bomb there. For emphasis, yeah.

  8. They're fucking fine with it.

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