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Jump Links (anchors)

  1. Over the last few days jump links (anchors) seem not to work properly at my end. When writing in the code for example after I click the Save button, the disappears. Please, help. Thanks.
    Blog url:

  2. Unfortunately pasting the code here also disappars.

  3. a) To display code correctly here, you need to enclose it in backticks (see the note on "Allowed markup").
    b) For correct jump link code see here:

  4. It seems still impossible to have in the code <a name="a1">Text</a>. The TEXT editor mode just erases it after switching to Visual mode.

  5. Yes it does.

    For correct jump link code see here:

  6. Thanks, Justpi - this works.
    The advise here seems not to work in my case -

  7. You're welcome.
    Yes, that advice is outdated.

  8. Do you have any idea if pages alraedy done on WordPress with anchors <a name="a1">Text</a> have to be re-done or would the <a id="a1">Text</a>happen automatically at some point. I am asking, as on one WordPress site I did with 6 books (The Table of Contents and the Chapters) that would be a lot of work to be done manually if it does not happen automatically. Please, advise.

  9. I've got lots of those myself in my blogs.
    a) The name attribute is still working; it will be deleted if you edit the pages (or even if you open the editor and simply switch from Text to Visual).
    b) No, the code won't be corrected for you.
    c) It wouldn't be a lot of work to correct it manually: you can highlight all in the Text editor, copypaste into a simple text file, use the find-and-replace function to change all instances of a name to a id at once, copypaste result back into Text editor.

  10. Thanks a lot.
    a. yes, this is how I discovered something was going wrong - opening an exiting page and the anchors after closing the page disppeared.
    b. ok, will do it myself.
    c. I was thinking of doing the same, but was not quite sure this is how it should be done. Thanks for advising so.
    Have a great day! And thanks again!

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