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  1. Can anyone give me the html for creating a "Jump to day ____" link? I have 180 days listed on one page. I know how to create anchors and links to anchors, but how do I create a place for them to enter a number and then have the link reflect what day they enter. Anyone?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think you read my question! Anyone else?

  3. I think you would need some sort of code which is forbidden on in order to have an interactive link as you describe.

    You could make a static index for readers to click on a day they want to see, but that's not quite what you mean, is it?

  4. I see that textarea isn't allowed. What would a static index look like? Could I make a drop down menu of numbers to choose from? If I could, how would I do it? Thanks!

  5. No, you can't create a dropdown in a post or a static page: it would require javascript, which we're not allowed to use. (Actually there's a way to do it with HTML and inline CSS only, but it's extremely complicated, and it would require different coding for each different theme).

    A static index means a list or a row of numbers that are all visible and link to other points on the same page (or on another page).

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