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Just a girl Looking to fit in :]

  1. Hello. I'm Lee Ann [17] and I have just created this blog today. I am new and curious how to work this site and would like to hear some of your stories of first coming here.. I have posted two blogs so far, I plan on blogging the history of my chronic leg pain. I am wondering how can I find some followers, and how can I follow others?
    Any help please. Just a newbie..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *wave* Welcome to WordPress! This is the best community out there!

    I enjoy writing! I miss my school days of English Literature! So together with my photography experience I started blogging.

    one of the best blogs you start off with reading is timethief's blog:

    It'll give you some great tips on blogging here. If you are wanting to find some followers then search through the tag system: Entering keywords will find what you are looking for through the search system.

    If you are interested in my blog then subscribe!

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