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just a thank you

  1. Since I have discovered these forums, I have learned a lot. In fact, I now use Live Writer as I read about it here. I have found out about excessive tags so I limit my tags to 10 or less (I don't think I ended up as categorized as a excessive tag user, but I am now aware of it). There are a number of things I have learned just be reading here.

    I know that the experts here are volunteers with lives, homes, jobs and blogs of their own and they spend a lot of time helping those of us that need help. I know that I have asked some "stupid" questions but everybody has been polite and answere my questions.

    Not wanting to sound too mushy where everybody will want to gag, I just want to say thanks for the help.

    Have a nice weekend!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're welcome thank you for saying thanks and for your kind words. = )

  3. Isn't that sweet

  4. can't you just feel the love

  5. well, this wasn't meant to be mushy, LOL, just a thanks!

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