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Just An Introduction

  1. Hi All!

    Im new to the blogging scene, im just looking for readers, im trying to get my blog viewed,
    as i dont really know anyone who can read it!

    My blog is about Xbox 360 games, i am writing my own personal reviews on games i play,
    and i am posting tips and tricks that i pick up to aid peoples game play and to help earn achievements!

    Any help is greatly apprieciated!



  2. nice blog, but I recommend giving out Xbox 360 games that way you will have more visitors. You can start by giving me one, that way you can have a poster child for you blog.

  3. gamingpigeon
    There are threads in the "off topic" forum to promote your blog. Better to post there than in the "questions" forum. Promoting your blog is not a question about how to use wordpress, nor a inquiry about "support" for how to do anything technical.

  4. thewhitelilyblog

    But since you tried anyway, you need to do the thing to make your name turn blue like the other names here. That way, when you post a question, or just a blurb like this one, people can click on your name and get to your blog. I have never asked a question I didn't mean, but did appreciate the increased traffic on my blog each and every time I asked one. I think it's a sticky called something like linking your name to your blog. Go look around for it. Forever after, whenever you post in any other wordpress blog, your avatar will appear, and your name will be 'hot' and linked to your blog. It's really worth the effort.

  5. are you trying to network and use the tips learned on this thread?

    If you want to plug your blog, you should visit the off topic part of the forum and read the sticky note

  6. welcome pigeon, good luck!

  7. ok thanks guys as i said im new to this so i wasnt sure where to post etc ill get to it



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