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Just another....Cant find that settings > General

  1. Hi

    for like 1 year ago i was using another blog, but no im back! and i cant find out how to remove the Just another wordpress..... i seen on the forum and it stands go to settings > General and somthing more. but i cant find it! is the dashboard updated or somthing?

    anyway could somone please tell me on a good way?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You'll have to go to Settings>General and edit it in tag line.
    Are you talking about .org blog?


    im not using english verison....and where? do i find this settings ont the dashboard? and i cant se any general either! do ya have a schreenshot of it for me?

  4. Screenshot for this tiny problem? ehh
    See it here.

  5. wait a min and il take a schreenie and yal se!

  6. Please try to talk in English only. I have sent you the link, see there. There is the solution of your problem.

  7. My pagego to

    and look at the picture you will se what i can se! the settings does not do the same as i think it does at english verison

  8. oh...damn! found it

  9. I can not see any picture there. Is it a screenshot? If so then convert it to jpeg , png ,gif before posting. Also I can't understand your blog language.

  10. know..removed the schreenshot when i figured it out! tnx for help...and i had fixed the schreenshots in Photoshop and translated text into english

  11. Phew. A tiny problem solved at last.
    A suggestions: Always make sure you have explore the link well.
    Best luck for future blogging.

  12. wait a min and il take a schreenie and yal se

    That is English, but if you are not a native English speaker...
    It means: "Wait a minute and I will take a screenshot and you will see."

  13. The answer is also quickly found by a simple search for "Just another site"

  14. I'm not at home in English nor it is my native language. In fact no one can understand or speak in English in our village except me.
    I Never saw this word "yal se" in English.

  15. im from norway and im best in class in english. but ya al se is "your will all se" but gona try to type in better grammars here ;)

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