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Just back to normal!

  1. Up until today I always thought I was okay with CSS, but when I tried to edit it (purely just to change the font), all I did was change all the "Verdana" words into "Trebuchet MS" but now the entire thing is messed up, my image has vanished and I don't know why. How do I just get it to go back to the default, and following that, then edit the font? GAH!

  2. Delete everything from the edit CSS window and make sure the "add to existing stylesheet button is selected and the click save. That will take you back to the original.

  3. If you gave us the blog url we might have a look at your css.

  4. But when you delete everything, cut and paste it somewhere else so you've got it to work with.

  5. ladybugsnlizards

    thesacredpath- I'm not the original poster, but THANK YOU!!! I messed up something in my CSS about 3 weeks ago and I just gave up. I just happened to read your response today and your advice worked. Thank you SO much for helping me too!

  6. You're very welcome and happy blogging.

  7. You probably accidentally deleted a semi-colon in your css.

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