Just being sent 22,000 emails from WordPress

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    Don’t know if this is my issue, or a wordpress issue.
    I am currently 3,000 emails into 22,000 being sent from WordPress.
    Emails from months ago, all coming through again.
    I have an email client (Office Outlook)
    Also checked the email server (Web based)

    And both are being hit with 22,000 emails.

    Is this my issue, or an issue at your end.


    The blog I need help with is prayingforoneday.wordpress.com.



    Are they all coming from the same email address? Please post screenshots of the headers on the emails, upload to your Media Library, and return to this thread to provide the file name so Staff can examine it. I tagged this thread for their help.



    Yes, please do let us know the sending email address, and a screenshot of the headers would be a big help too.


    AWW …
    I had to remove the email client from Office.
    But they are coming from:

    <(email redacted)>

    Everyone of them.
    I had to just delete the email from the client, it was lagging my machine. It seems to have stopped. I am over capacity with the email I use for WordPress, so I am on the website email, deleting also. And there is 12,00 still to delete. I tend to do an email clear up once a week, and keep important ones in another folder.

    Sorry I should have taken a Microsoft Office screen. I am sorry.
    But all are coming from <(email redacted)>

    I am sorry, I hope this helps.

    ps: Thanks for the fast reply


    This is the best grab I could get.
    As I had to just remove it from Office Outlook, I am left emptying the web based server I get. 12,000 still remain. All from different WordPress users.

    I hope this helps:

    Webpage email showing 12,000 remaining



    Ah, those are subscription emails. Are they all from the same blog? Perhaps the blogger just imported a bunch of posts, or had a bit of a scheduling accident.


    Sorry they were all coming from

    <(email redacted)>

    Sorry, my PC about ran out of breath :-)


    Sorry I can’t get this to show.. I will space it.. lol

    < donotreply @ wordpress . com > Had to space it to show

    THIS is where they are coming from
    Sorry, me bad


    They were coming from all different users from around 3 weeks ago macmanx. I did check.

    I have removed from the client just now and am deleting and re-checking setting and changing passwords etc.



    Were the donotreply emails subscription emails from the same blog? If so, what is the blog URL?


    The blog is the same blog. All emails were sent from others blogs, to the one I have stated above mate.

    All the same blog.
    Strange one. I am a PC Tech myself, so I have closed and stopped the flow, I am going to delete all, the re-add the email to the Outlook client to see if it has stopped.

    100% all the same URL/Blog, and all within the last say, month.
    I did change my URL on my blog, but this was before all these dates.




    What is the URL?



    All emails were sent from others blogs, to the one I have stated above mate.

    I’m not sure what you mean by that. These appear to be subscription emails. Are the subscription emails for posts that are all from the same blog? If so, what is the URL of the blog?

    If not, are they all for different posts on different blogs?



    What is the URL of the blog?


    All the emails in the Bin.

    Showing 20,000 (I deleted 2,000 in Outlook)

    Hope this helps..



    And the URL of the blog is?


    All were coming to this, from all the blogs I follow.

    I hope I am answering your questions ok here.
    One day I will help someone here instead of being in a pain in the butt to you all..




    So, you’re receiving 22,000 emails featuring posts from your own blog?

    I can’t tell for sure because you removed the blog’s title on http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/7074/emailsx.jpg but I can’t find any posts mentioning Marine killings at Quantico on your blog.


    No. Really sorry here.
    I received emails from as far back as the 6th of March, all in one go.
    All from blogs I follow, to my email.

    The blogs emailing me were all and any whom I would get emails from.
    It was as if my email, server and client picked up all my email “again” from the last month.

    The issue may be my end, but I was just checking.
    Just an odd one.
    They all been deleted and it has stopped



    ok, just re-added my email, I use for Word Press back to my Client.
    And it is adding 22,992 emails now…

    Doing it again. I deleted them all from the email web page

    I have no idea how this is happening

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