Just bought new domain, have I done it correctly?

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    I was http://www.ruthbug.wordpress.com I just bought upgrade to domain name http://www.mycityshy.com

    I read instructions first, which said if I am already hosted on wordpress, not importing from anywhere else, then it should be simple and fine. Is this correct? Or should I have set up some way of transferring posts from my .wordpress.com address to new domain? From what I read, it told me just to buy new domain, and set it as the Primary domain. So now I am scared that I’ve done something wrong.

    mycityshy.com link is not working, but I’ve read that’s normal, as can take 72 hours to activate, so that’s not exactly why I’m panicked. I just want to know that I’ve upgraded correctly. Will my posts all show up at mycityshy.com when it finally activates?

    Apologies if I sound stupid, help would be really appreciated

    The blog I need help with is mycityshy.com.



    Note: All I have done is buy domain upgrade, then set it as Primary domain.



    Ooh wow, ok it has just activated, so soon after me posting this. So I can set this as resolved.



    Ruth did your posts automatically transfer to your new domain? I was hesitant to purchase a domain for the same reasons



    Actually the name transfers.

    If you have yourplace.wordpress.com now and you buy a domain say theplace.com – then you map it to yourplace.wordpress.com then anyone that goes to theplace.com will see all the posts at yourplace.wordpress.com – your posts stay at yourplace.wordpress.com – and everyone just sees theplace.com – but if someone types in yourplace.wordpress.com they will still end up on your site.

    if you fail to renew theplace.com domain and mapping then theplace.com goes away and you are back where you started at yourplace.wordpress.com.

    good nuff? good luck

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