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Just Can't Get My RSS Feed Up

  1. I've tried everything I could find on the forum to get my RSS feed to show on my side bar.
    I think I've tried every step I could find on the forum

    I think I followed the directions correctly, and used the following text1 plan and placed

    <img src=””/>

    into the box which came up after I moved text1. All I can see on my site is a vertical black line on the left side of my sidebar.

    Can somebody tell me what I've done wrong? I've tried so many times I think I'll be starved for Thanksgiving turkey!

  2. Please post a link to your blog so that we can see what is happening.

  3. Sorry about that! Actually I placed more in the box besides the information shown when I posted it, I had added my blog site:
    I appreciate your help.

  4. You can copy this code and it will give you what you want:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="" /> </a>

  5. Wow! I really feel dumb! I apparently left out an important section. Thank you very much, and I adjusted the size (I had selected way to large!). There's a black box around it, but hey, I'm thrilled that my RSS feed it up. Did you get to read a bit? I'm preparing a book dealing with the subject.

    I appreciate your quick reply and your help.

    Again, Thanks, and Blessings to you and your family on this Thanksgiving Day.

  6. @texdrd
    Glad that worked for you, and you are very welcome. I still have your site up in a tab and plan on reading some shortly.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and yours as well.

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