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Just Changed My Theme :)

  1. I've had the same theme - sunrise - since I joined wordpress. So I'm very excited to finally try out a different theme...I love it!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A bit too dark for me. But that is only my opinion.

  3. i'm with noirciplume, it's very hard for someone like timethief to read that sort of theme being dark, i hard a black theme with yellow writing and had to change

  4. sorry but ditto... I last about 2 seconds when I hit a white on black really screws my already screwed vision up..but that's just me..i'm sure its a real nice blog.. :)

  5. I hate to pile on, but it is very dark. I don't have a problem with darker backgrounds but the text area really should be lighter. It doesn't necessarily have to be white with black writing, but white (or any other color) on black is hard on the eyes. I don't have vision problems but I still had to wait for my eyes to adjust for a few seconds.

  6. I like the black personally, it gives the blog a very distinctive look. That said, if others have trouble reading it, it could cost you readers. I have a tiled background on my blog that i really liked, but a few people said they had trouble reading posts, so i had to relent and tone it down. It comes down to whether you are mostly concerned with the style statement of your blog or grabbing as many readers as possible i guess. Good luck with the blog.

  7. @bazmann, you have a good blog there but it's very white the same as mine was, so i added a soft background and coloured the post background, it's easy.

  8. @bazmann, if you want the code there's no problem.

  9. The effects of color on visitors are worth considering. Colors evoke emotional responses. Some may make us feel like moving on, while other make make us feel like lingering.

    Busy and colorful patterned backgrounds are distracting to both the yes and the mind.

    Dark backgrounds tend to appeal to the under 35 demographic and are strongly rejected by those who are in the 50 and over demographic. The under 35 demographic says white backgrounds are glaring and make their eyes tired. The over 50 demographic find it extremely difficult to read either gray colored text on dark backgrounds or primary colored text on dark backgrounds.

    Aside from making your site accessible to visually challenged readers, including those who are colorblind, did you know that:
    1. An accessible website is more likely to be ranked well with the search engines than an inaccessible website?
    2. And by designing a colorblind accessible website, you are also targeting PDAs, 3G phones, and similar technological devices that are used for web access?
    More here >

  10. hi TT, i read your post link, so i'm going back to it to-morrow to see if i need any little change's to my blog colour's.

  11. @dribblingpensioner Colouring the post background sounds like an interesting idea, how do i do that?

  12. search for web backgrounds on the web, right click a photo and save 5 -10 to your photo's, go to dashboard / background and install one, you can keep trying them until you get one you like, i would change mine now and again.

  13. I have a background, but how would i colour the post background, i haven't come across an option for that?

  14. when you have the post ready to post on site insert this code at the very top BEFORE any text.

    <div style="background-color: #ffffe5; line-height: 1.4; padding: 1.2em;">

    and then at the bottom AFTER all text insert this part of the code.


    this is the colour code above you can change it to what ever colour you want


  15. this is a very useful site and panos will help you with anything you ask, you can do a search for colour code's here.

  16. Thank you very much dribblingpensioner. I've brought my background back up and put a coloured back to the last post. I'm concerned it looks a little too busy now though. Would anyone be willing to check it out at and let me know what they think?

  17. i think it look's a lot better, now all you have to do is colour the rest of the post's :)

    i'm waiting to see what people think of the 2 i have done in my other blog, if they like them i'll have to change over 200 post's.

    no need to post the link it's in your name. :) someone might remove it.

    and i think you have to many tag's, the target should 9 - 10 recommened.

    only helping

  18. @bazmann I like it actually. I'd perhaps make the background a tad lighter, but I like the fact it gives a smooth reading pane.

    I'm not a big fan of side bars on both sides, I think that makes a page look busy and the post space too narrow.

    @nobodyyouknow - sorry, I'm not keen on white on black to read either.

  19. @ Robyn, it's a lot better than it was, a complete white sheet, very bright.

  20. I actually really like it .You blog seems cool;I'm glad I checked it out!

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