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Just divorced a criminal and started a blog... HELP!

  1. andreamerriman

    So I just started a my blog after i divorced my husband of 20 years and sent him to prison. He was running a ponzi scheme, to the tune of about 28MIL, and is awaiting sentencing. So i have started to tell my story. This is truly one of the most therapeutic things i have done in the last year. That's when everything unraveled. I would like to get more readers so i can help others with their situations also. What is my next step? Can anyone just take a quick look at my blog and make suggestions on ways i can improve it? and ways to get the word out about it... All comments welcome! THANKS!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Do you think it's wise using your real name?

  3. i think you have an amazing blog :-) i will have to take some more time to read it i only read the last few posts...

  4. That was quite a hook. Very good job. And I'd take pornstarbabylon's advice. You may want to consider it.

  5. pornstarbabylon

    Oh because I hear all the time about so many people being harassed and stalked online which leads into the real world. Never use your real name or show pictures of yourself & family. Unless you're a public figure and your entire life is already out there. I only have one picture of me out there but I don't show my face. I'm being stalked online and he's tried to find where I live. He also reported my Facebook account last week. That part is the least of it but I'm just saying. If these people knew who I really was, I probably wouldn't be alive to type this now.

  6. I absolutely love your blog. Your writing is excellent- great job. :)

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