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  1. Why is it taking so long for my theme to activate? This is only the second step in the process. How many steps are there to blog if you want to use a free blog service, and do those steps all take as long as this one? (10 minutes and counting ...)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. What theme are you trying to activate?

  3. Sorry raincoaster. I had to log out and then log in to see your message. Then I had to go thru what looks like a default dashboard to find the "forums" link.

    I am trying to activate "skeptical."


  4. Hey -- I think my theme just showed up. I still would like to know if this is typical of all the steps in the set-up-your-free-Wordpress-blog process. How long should it take?

    Thanks to all who respond,


  5. Your blog is wearing WooWei right now. Try doing the Cookie Dance and see if that helps.

  6. It's usually just seconds for a theme to activate once selected.

    But this week Staff are changing all sorts of things. We log out and see different front pages for We note the threads of bloggers with log-in issues and can't sss stats issues, etc.. Yee haw! things they are a changin ...

  7. @raincoaster
    I'm seeing Skeptical on that blog using FF 14.0.1.

  8. Have you tried clearing your browser cache ?

  9. Hello commenters (I like the name "timethief")

    I posted my first blog. Not sure I like skeptical as a theme but it describes how I am currently feeling about WordPress as compared to other free blogging sites.

    However, this site came highly recommended by someone who knows how I know little about blogging (and widgets and tags, etc.) so I am willing to take the tutorials as I slog my way thru learning how to blog on WordPress.

    I consider this topic closed. Thank you so much for your help.


  10. Marked resolved upon request from the op

    I consider this topic closed. Thank you so much for your help.

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