just got domain, but keeps redirecting to me.wordpress.com instead

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    PLEASE HELP! I had a WP page for elizabethjkrichard.wordpress.com set up. I just bought my name domain via wordpress, and started to set it up elizabethjkrichard.com but I keep getting redirected back to elizabethjkrichard.wordpress.com and I cant access the domain dashboard of anything to find out where my domain access is, or the actual site itself.

    Can someone walk me through this please?

    The blog I need help with is elizabethjkrichard.wordpress.com.



    I just bought my name domain via wordpress, a

    did you read the part about taking 24 to 72 hours to settle down?

    The name servers are changing http://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/elizabethjkrichard.com


    It can take up to 72 hours for a domain nameserver change to propagate throughout the internet. That is something completely out of anyone’s control. How soon you see the doman name change will depend entirely on how often your ISP updates their nameserver caches. Some do it very often, less than an hour, and some can take 72 hours to do an update of their nameserver caches.

    Go back to the domain management here and make sure that you have the new domain name set as the “primary.” See #5 here.


    oh, okay- thanks guys. It just seemed like the domain came up at first. Good to know it’s just a waiting game. I did know to set the new domain as the primary, thanks for that reminder though. Is it WP that has to update, or the domain registry somewhere else?

    thanks again




    The whole internet has to update the way it looks at your blog. It’ll take some time but then it’ll be fine. Sunday is actually the best day to do this.

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