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Just hit 1,000 views

  1. Today I looked on my blog, and I suddenly had 1,000 views. I'm very new to blogging, so this was a goal of mine since the start. I honestly never thought anyone would find my blog interesting enough to read, let alone a thousand people.
    Just wanted to share, it really made my day.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. congratulations! The 1,000 mark is always exciting!

  3. I'm 25 views away from the 1000, and it is far more satisfying than i could have thought it would be. What's the next milestone?

  4. 2,000 for me :)

    I look forward to every 1,000!

  5. nice! I'm a little over 1/3 of the way there.

  6. habituatedbuddhist

    Wow! Congrats!... heck, I'm looking forward to 50 (laugh).

  7. Congratulations on 1000! That was my most satisfying achievement. It makes it feel like blogging isn't a complete waste of time, right? I'm currently creeping up on the 10,000 mark.

    I'm sure you'll continue to get a lot of hits. Your blog is interesting. A little angry for me (I'm old) but you're funny. Good luck!

  8. I'm close to 15,000 so that is my next milestone. Anyone want to help? Hint, hint)

    10,000 was good - enjoy it when you get there Momfog!

  9. I hit the 1000 mark too a few days ago.
    Thanks everyone! :) (but don't stop reading now)

  10. thequietvoice18

    Congrats! I just hit the 5000 mark, so I know how good it feels. (:

  11. Thanks for the support, guys! Glad to know that I'm not the only one out there who gets a little excited when they hit a big number like 1,000.

    I'll admit that my blog is a bit angry, but I keep it to mainly be my journal and hone my writing skills, so forgive my outspoken rage at everything. :P

  12. habituatedbuddhist

    Just hit 100!!!! (Yea!) Ok, not as big a deal as 1000, but exciting none the less... heck, I even got another blog that links to mine.... I feel a bit like a member of the community!

  13. Congratulations...I need about 200 more to reach 130,000 :o

  14. how on earth did you get to 130k?

  15. @crucible77 ditto on noirciplume's question. How long have you been blogging?

  16. Yup, crucible77 is 225 away from 130.000. Awesome....
    And he's been blogging since June 2009.

  17. Two years. That makes me feel better. I was thinking he was new. It's an impressive number, nonetheless. I'm 74 from 10,000 in just under 4 months.

    @alecjuarez You're young. You're supposed to be enraged and angst-ridden. Don't apologize for it. :-)

  18. Yeah I have been at it for two years! Enjoyed every minute of it though, I think its just because I blog about quite a popular topic (soccer) and use things like social networking sites alot. :)

  19. Good grief, crucible77, with a topic like that you have a HUGE "niche" market! LMAO. We can all now feel totally relieved!

  20. I've got 42! Yay! I'm just happy to have found the Site Stats area! Aiming for 50. lol

    Congrats to everyone for their numbers.

  21. Congrats!!! Hitting that 1K is def a satisfying achievement!!

  22. Yes, hitting 1K felt good and now, like everyone, I look forward to each additional 1K. Not too far from 10K now and the traffic is steady, although I did just lose 2 subscribers in one week! :-(

    Was it something I said? And that was after gaining new subscribers regularly. So I guess it was maybe just natural turnover that was bound to occur eventually.

  23. I just made it to 130,000. Yay!

  24. Congrats, crucible77! I passed 10,000! Woo-hoo!

  25. Forgot to say congratulations everyone on your own personal milestones!

  26. Yay! 2,000 hits! Congrats to everyone else!

  27. Thanks and congrats to everyone on their milestones. Do visit at some point ;)

  28. @crucible I visited but it's not for me. I'm an 33-year-old American who loves her American Football and college basketball. You don't need me anyway, with all those hits. :-)

  29. Thanks for the visit anyway momfog :)

  30. I actually did managed to watch one season of snooker once. My parents like it...they are always supporting the chinese guy. Makes sense coming from a chinese family, lol.

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