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Just hit 1,000 views

  1. The first 1000 is always something special, congrats!

    I'm over 5,000 in about a month and half but just want to keep on going and maybe reach crucible77's level someday.

    Momfog- if you like college basketball, that's what my site is all about! Check it out and let me know you're thoughts! Any feedback is great!

  2. @mgib3 Nice. I'll keep you in mind, especially when the NCAA BB season rolls around again.

    I couldn't agree more with your University of Kentucky NBA draft decisions. It breaks my heart that Knight is going but at least we'll (HUGE UK fan here) still have Jones.

    AND Rajon Rondo rocks, which I really didn't see coming. :-)

  3. I'm a Wizards fan and was thrilled when we won the lottery and could pick John Wall. I think I did his dance for days after we picked him.

    Kentucky is bringing in another LOADED class and with Jones already there, I expect them to be preseason number 2 (behind UNC).

    The offseason is a challenging time, but really tests our creative ability in coming up with good content. I love the sport so much.

  4. UNC. boo. :-)

  5. Oooops - I've stepped into a sporting saloon. Wrong door.

  6. I'm looking at hitting the 400,000 mark later this summer. Keep blogging and commenting and the count will take care of itself.

  7. @teamoyeniyi - Sorry! Back to the topic at hand...

    Yea, I try not to look at the stats too much. Write quality content, interact with other bloggers, and have fun with it. Counts will take care of themselves.

    Using social media like Facebook and Twitter can help- reaches out to friends you may not have told yourself.

    And try emailing other blogs to see if they want to do swapping interviews, a debate/discussion on a topic you both enjoy, etc.

    Numbers will follow...

  8. I'm 90 away from 16,000 - which given my "niche" is denied spouse visas, I don't think is too bad - after all, not like I have a soccer sized audience!!!

    But I suppose love is universal, and a spouse visa is all about love!!!

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