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Just hit the 1000 hits barrier! Woo!

  1. mysterycreature1

    I'm really proud! I just hit the 1000 people having looked at my blog mark, and I'm only new to this - my blog has been going for only a week!

    I'm so proud! Hehe.

  2. Congrats... :)

  3. mysterycreature1

    Thank you, I was just really excited and proud because to me thats a big number!

  4. Your welcome
    it surely is with your blog being a week old... :)
    Keep up the great work...

  5. hansworldtravels

    1200 after 10 days with 2 back to back 200+ days. its a lot of work and then darn "comment misers" show me no love:( baaa-humbug!

  6. ha,thats because you hog the forum so now you're as famous as paris hilton showoff!! btw you have to vote for maccain.

  7. 1000 in one week? that is impressive.

  8. Congrats! It really is impressive. Ignore buenotc, he's a complete asshole.

  9. Congratulations - I got a 1000 after about 2 months!

    Really well done!

  10. Well done!
    Very, very good achievement inside your first week!

  11. One week! Well done!

  12. Congrats- I have just started a new blog and look to be on course for over 300 hits in my first week which I am quite pleased about

  13. mysterycreature1

    Thank you guys.
    Don't worry raincoaster, I know buenotc isn't worth listening to! You just have to have a few minutes on this forum to see that!
    I have a feeling I'm now gettign tons of hits becasue I have a picture of a dove on my page (no idea why it's so loved!)... but never mind, for every thousand that pass through maybe 2 will come back. That will do me!

  14. Well done!!!

    I'll keep dreaming til I hit my first 1000. I'll need like another 500 or so haha and I don't think I'm deserving of that much in the first place ><

  15. congrats! 1,000 in one week is awesome!

  16. LOL mine took abouwt three months! congrats, its an awesme feeling :)

  17. Great. I just gave you a few comments.

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