Just like I never worked on WP at all

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    Went to use my account, and all my settings are back to default, all my blog posts are gone, just as if I had never worked in it. Now that makes me wonder how much confidence do I put in the program? Anyone know how to get my posts back? This really sucks..

    The blog I need help with is rachelforbes68.wordpress.com.



    Please provide us with more deatil.
    Are you referring to the blog linked to your wordpress.com username?
    If so are you sure that posts and pages are not found in your unpublished drafts?


    Thanks for responding timethief,

    Yes, posts I wrote in my Blog, they were all published, I used to be able to see them as soon as I logged in, now they are nowhere to be found


    I don’t know much about WordPress. I just want to use it to ‘journal’. If there was a program out there I could install instead of posting to an online blog, I would prefer that :/



    I cannot find them in Google’s cache so they weren’t indexed. Please check your drafts and then check your trash. See here > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/03/21/wordpress-recovering-a-lost-blog-post-or-page/


    Thanks for trying to help, but nothing works. I’ll keep on searching for a downloadable diary I can install and control ;).



    There are two things that you can still try:

    1) go to the grey Admin bar at the top of the page and look under My Blogs: is there more than one of them? It’s a long shot, but this has happened before.

    2) You can install an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer and blog on it and then hit Upload to post a copy to the blog, but you still always have a full copy on your own computer.

    3) actually, once staff is back you can ask them to look into it. Contact them via your dashboard Help button.



    Was your password someplace where someone could have gotten it and cleared your old posts?



    Also, to be totally clear, is this the url of the blog?



    Thanks raincoaster, no still no ‘luck’ here. But thanks anyway. I’m trying a diary I just downloaded, will see how I like it.


    Sorry auxclass just saw your post after. No that would not be the case.


    Oh and yes raincoaster that would be the correct url



    Did you check in your draft posts and pages or not?
    __ Yes or __ No

    Did you check your Trash or not?
    __Yes or __ NO


    Yes I have done all you suggested. to no avail



    Maybe Staff can help or maybe not. I will flag this thread for their attention.


    Thanks guys but I don’t like programs that give me problems, it’s a pet peeve of mine. I really appreciate your efforts to help, but I’m gonna just cancel WP. It’s not worth it. I thought maybe there was a simple answer but I don’t want to put any more effort into this ;). Have a good evening



    I’m so sorry this happened to you. How many posts/pages did you publish?


    A few. I can’t remember exactly. But they were important to me. thanks again.



    I found another blog. Is it possible that it is yours? http://rachelforbes.wordpress.com/



    Specifically, which blog did this happen to?

    I only see http://rachelforbes68.wordpress.com/ on your account, but there’s no record of any posts being deleted. In fact, there’s no record of any posts ever being published.

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