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Just mapped a domain and at first it was working, not it is not!!

  1. I had a blog through blogger and my domain through godaddy. Transferred my domain to be used with wordpress and I paid. Changed the nameservers, mapped, followed the instructions and when I tested it worked. But I wonder why it doesn't show WWW in front of my domain. I want to use it for my business and it does look weird without www. How do I fix it?

    Other thing is that it seems that I am not receiving e-mails. I tried to Send TO my "domain" email from 2 other e-mails and I haven't received them yet. HOWEVER, when I SEND FROM my "domain" e-mail, works fine so far. I'm worried because I don't want the costumers to send me e-mails and I never receive it.

    I am a totally beginner in wordpress and don't know much of programming and stuff like that, so I don't know what to do...
    thank you already

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No URLs here ever contain a "www" and that's clearly stated in the support documentaion on domain mapping. All "www" URLs are directed to the same content at the URL without the antiquainted "www". You blog is redirecting correctly to your domain.

  3. I am not receiving e-mails does not provide an email service for domains.
    See here please >

  4. Thank you for answering... I had read it, but I thought it was just in case somebody would forget the "www", so if it's like that, it is fine :)

    As for the e-mails.. I've followed your link and instructions as my e-mail is connected to my domain.. let's see how it goes :)

    Thanks again!

  5. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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