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    Hi there,

    So I was happy that WordPress is now taking over for spaces. Went through the migration process and it nicely moved over my first few blog entries, then everything else – the last 3 years – GONE! Nothing! There is nothing posted.

    Hundreds and hundreds of posts not up there. Is this a simple technical fault where it will take time to come through? Or can you fix it?

    Goodness! Too good to be true ….

    The blog I need help with is michaelweening.wordpress.com.


    Oh wait … things are starting to show up …



    Yes, staff have said that migrating 30 MILLION blogs has put the import servers on a bit of a backlog. It can take up to a full day for all the posts to come through.

    The import did not (as of yesterday) include Draft posts or photos that have not been put in blog posts. You’ll have to import those one by one, either by saving them to your computer or copy-pasting posts to WP and setting them as Draft (on the right-hand side of the Write Post page.


    I would tell everyone that after migrating, don’t log in for a day or two and wait for everything to settle. During that time, read the FAQ: http://en.support.wordpress.com/

    Then log in a day or two later, clear cookies, cache, and history before entering your blog. Cross your fingers and pray for everything to magically appear.

    Ty migrating during early morning United States time when traffic is usually slower.

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