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    Hello I just moved from live spaces and things are a bit different here than they are in spaces. Especially designing the blog page. It seems to really be able to design your blog you have to know CSS. I know zip zilch zero about CSS. Can anyone point me in the right direction,cuz I am absolutely lost and I wanna do things like make the background show through the “white part: of the blog area. basically I want to crank up the opacity abit for the white part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance

    The blog I need help with is keithmarrimon.wordpress.com.


    There are some links to CSS tutorials and resources in the support document on CSS that should get you started on learning what CSS is and get you a basic understanding of what it does.




    And don’t actually buy the upgrade until you’ve tried the changes you want to make in the free Preview and know that they work. We have a lot of people who get in over their heads with the CSS upgrade, and you’re pretty much on your own with it.

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