Just moved to WordPress.org – How can I get my likes back?

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    I’ve just moved to WordPress.org from WordPress.com and noticed that all my beloved ‘likes’ have gone missing. Is there any way of rectifying this? I’ve downloaded the widget ‘WP-likes’ in the hope that that would bring them back, but it hasn’t – and all the other ‘like’ widgets seem to be about FaceBook.

    I originally asked this question on the WordPress.org forum, but was redirected here.

    The blog I’ve moved from is: arbitrarynonsense.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is arbitrarynonsense.com.



    You can’t. Likes may make you feel warm and fuzzy but they aren’t page view stats. Staff can transfer your blog stats and your subscribers only, after you install and activate the JetPack plugin http://jetpack.me



    Hi there,

    As timethief mentioned, likes can’t be transferred when you move to WordPress.org. However, I’d be happy to move your subscribers and stats for you, if you’d like! Please just reply here to confirm and I can take care of that for you.



    Thanks, I already have my subscribers and stats though. So there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about the likes here – the data can’t be copied and pasted? I ask not because of the ‘warmth and fuzziness’ of them, but because they’re a good way of showing to people that people actually appreciate what I’m writing; it’s not me talking to myself…



    That’s right there’s absolutely no way to export and import likes at this point in time.

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