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Just question game

  1. This is just a simple question game. everyone can share what he/she wants to ask for but before asking, we must answering the question above our post with only question. Let's check the sample

    "Do you like sugar?"

    the poster below must answering the question with question too..

    "Does the sugar is something i'm concerning about?"

    then so the next
    Oke, lets begin with this one

    Why you using wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you recommending I use something else to bore people with instead of wordpress blogging?

  3. Are you waiting for my answer?

  4. are you hoping that i'm waiting for your answer?

  5. do you mean i would answer this?

  6. do i look like that?

  7. Are you asking me what you look like?

  8. Does my gravatar image make me look fat?

  9. If I say no, will you check out my blog?

  10. How shameless was that self-promotion? :)

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