Just started sims legacy blog- how to promote it?? :)

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    Well, I’ve never made a blog before and I decided to make a Sims 3 Legacy blog coz I saw loads of people were making one on WordPress :) I’ve got quite a bit of random traffic but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to promtote it?? Thanks xxxxx :D
    Btw, u can read my blog here:

    The blog I need help with is valentinofamilylegacy.wordpress.com.


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    Please note that these are forums for technical support on the WordPress.com blogging platform. When you have a question about how to use the software, please feel free to ask in these forums.

    As for your current general question about blog promotion, here is a succinct answer from fellow volunteer timethief:

    It’s a question asked and has been answered many times. There are support articles and forum tags to allow you to look for other ideas.

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