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Just want some traffic

  1. Check it out especially in the coming days. I think I'll be interesting lol I'd love to check out other ppls blogs too

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok i will check yours. Looking good. But you have only 1 post.

  3. i'll check out yours if you check out mine.

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  4. Woah wait a minute! If you guys want second-hand traffic exchange go to . Don't plague these forums with it too.

    As for you Mr. Buckley, I'd advise you to stop being a lazyass and go work for your traffic. I didn't start a thread like this when I was a newbie.

  5. haha a little harsh leetgamer. I wasn't being a lazy ass, just really have no idea how to create traffic. I'm all about leg work and follow through. Knowledge I will be checking yours out now. Thanks dadass, and I will be posting more soon(tonight).

  6. Hes not being harsh, how do you think this forum would look if everyone created a 'hey come to blog' topic?

  7. DBuckley, The two sticky's at the top of the off topic forum page are a great place to plug your blog link and also links to individual posts you do. Here's the links ...

    and to plug your blog

    Good Luck!

  8. No cello I understand the math. I'm talking about the delivery, because me posting this in the forum really had nothing to do with lazy, just ignorance to the process. For future reference, thank you for the heads up.

  9. Appreciate it bats0711. like I said I'm new to this, but there is a lot of blogs out there. It's kind of hard to find inspiration if I feel nobody is reading. I think I'd rather just try to build my following organically now, so I'm going to see how just posting and hoping works.

  10. Use to help you get started. It will give you some traffic until you become popular.

    Nowadays I get my hits from my tags and from search terms leading to my blog. So post alot.

    Sorry if I was harsh.

  11. @dbuckley175
    When it comes to gaining traffic to your blog please understand that the so-called passive approach is ineffectual. Know also that a flood of one hit wonders that create a high bounce rate id not worthy pursuing.

    In blogging content is king and promotion is queen. If you have not mastered how to structure and promote you posts via search engines (basic SEO), and via social networks, then don't hold you breath waiting for traffic to arrive. In other words you can have the best content in the blogosphere but if it can't be found there will be no traffic to it.

    Basic traffic promotion advice
    (1) Write well and publish regularly. Keeping your blog updated with fresh and informative content will maintain reader interest.
    (2) Apply basic SEO techniques to your posts and blog structure to insure that your content will be indexed and found by targeted readers through search engine results.
    (3) encouraging blog readers to commenton your blog posts and replying to every comment will generate additional traffic. People naturally gather where active discussions are happening.
    (4) Understanding non-reciprocal linking, when to link and when not to link is critical. Link only to authoritative related blogs, and if you have over 100 links on your front page, then establish a static page for Links and eliminate the use of the Links widget, as it appears on every page.
    (5) Offer an RSS feed, be aware of your subscribers, and subscribe to the feeds of related authoritative blogs.
    (6) Comment, comment, comment and comment.
    (7) Understanding backlinking and backlinking to posts published by faithful readers wherever possible will generate traffic.
    (8) Join selected social networks, create a Social media time management strategy
    and stick to it.
    (9) Use a Recent Comments widget to showcase all readers who comments.
    (10) Create a Top Commenters text widget to showcase those who leave the most comments.
    (11) Being a successful blogger is dependent upon knowing how to form blog centered relationships. Promote and support the promotions of the blog posts of your faithful readers at every opportunity that you can and everywhere that you can.
    (12) Try to remain aware of what's happening in your reader's lives and keep on touch via twitter or email to let them know you care about them.

    Advanced traffic promotion advice
    (13) There are twenty five steps to increase blog traffic and bloggers who take those stpes do increase organic (unpaid) targeted traffic to their blogs.

    I hope this helps you. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  12. Wow I really like where this thread is going. Thanks a lot for the advice. Especially yours timethief. I will use all your advice like Chuck Norris himself was giving it to me. Don't worry about it, and thanks for that link leetgamer.

    PS I would beat the shit out of Walker Texas Ranger

  13. @dbuckley175
    You're welcome. :)

  14. @dbuckley175,

    Please refer to this reply for gaining traffic articles that will be helpful for you. =)

  15. And what the hell are we supposed to do with that link ?

  16. I'll read and comment on your blog if you do the same for mine!
    [Link Sig removed by T3CK, Please don't hijack threads]

  17. Oh my. We're doomed.

  18. I'm actually just laughing. I guess some people don't read what's above.

  19. sorry about plugging my blog up top. i was new...

  20. @vanluling

    That's okay mistakes happen. = )


    And what the hell are we supposed to do with that link ?

    It's ment to clicked to be directed to a reply the offers a bunch of links to articles that will expalin how to gain traffic to your blog!!!

  21. I wasn't referring to that. There was a post after yours that apparently got deleted, linking to a dude's blog.

  22. Oh god..This is all so funny!

  23. @leetgamer

    Oh Sh^t I forgot about that reply because I see a lot of Modlook topics through out the day. (Some days more than others)
    please disregard my reply above.

  24. ok I'll check yours check mine too! :)

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