Just want to override font colors – doesn’t work!

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    I have looked everywhere and cannot find out how to do something SO SIMPLE! I just want to override some of my themes’ text colors so I put in this code (as 1 example):

    #sidebar h2 {
    color: #red !important;

    and it’s not overriding the default green color where it says “About this Site” and “Links” etc. in the side boxes. I thought – from everything I’ve read – that any style I add will be loaded AFTER the default theme stylesheet and will therefore OVERRIDE them. well, it’s not working.

    please help!

    The blog I need help with is sharecipe.wordpress.com.



    Do you have a wordpress.com blog? If so, please link it to your name instead of the site you’ve got now.



    sharecipe.wordpress.com (don’t know how to change what’s linked to the username!)


    If this is the blog you are talking about, http://sharecipe.wordpress.com/ , then all the widget titles are red. Isn’t that what you wanted? Try clearing your browser cache and force refreshing that page.


    To change the site linked to your username, go to users > your profile and change the “website” field to your blog URL and then click “update profile.”



    strange. I clear my cache and it dosn’t show as red for me. I’m using the latest version of Firefox. Checked in IE too and they appear as green.


    OK, they are red in Safari, but not in FF.

    In FF using Firebug, if I change the color definition in #sidebar h2 to red, it changes. Right now in your custom CSS, I’m not seeing a color definition in #sidebar h2. Did you take it out?


    Ah, wait a minute. You have a number sign before “red” which is messing stuff up. You don’t need that with color names, just with hex color codes. Do the following:

    #sidebar h2 {
    color: red;

    and it will work just fine. In fact, you don’t need the “important” either.



    thanks – just needed a fresh set of eyes!


    You’re welcome.

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